Advice: generates alternatives based on the best practices in the market and the industry.
Experience: we have been part of renowned companies and successful projects that allow meeting needs in an agile and efficient way.
Tangible results.
Improves productivity of any business unit.
Personal according to your need.

This distinguishes us in the market


Add value to our customers
to help them achieve their goals
in an efficient and innovative way.


A world with companies that thrive on technology.


Proactivity, to make things happen, with the best alternatives or tools on the market.
Commitment, our clients are our reason for being. Your success will be our success.
Excellence, always offering profitable solutions based on experience that give added value.


App Development

Applications built to fit your business to strengthen it in the areas you need it. Process automation and interconnectivity between systems.

Personal Outsourcing

In the technology area. We provide staff on site or remotely to support your work teams. With the support of Equilibrium‘s experts, giving an added value of experience to your projects.


We transform your ideas and needs into innovative, effective and efficient solutions. From conceptualization to the last detail of production and post-delivery follow up.

Professional Colleges
Food Industry